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May 02, 2009



Hi Domicile - Hmmm... I tried the Amy Butler "Anna Tunic", but haven't been able to wear it (I have skinny arms). If you have nice arms, you could give that a try! Also I have a few Japanese pattern books with nice tunics in them. This book is good:

I usually order them straight from Amazon Japan: http://www.amazon.co.jp/In-English/b?ie=UTF8&node=1094656

Type "stylish dress book"in the search field.
The instructions are in Japanese, but the patterns are simple enough to sew without.
Good luck!


Hi Emira - after I commented here, I ordered this one: http://japancraftjournal.blogspot.com/2008/09/stylish-dress-book.html

It arrived quickly and it RULES. Many tunics.


Oh my goodness that totally does rule! I just may have to succumb. Thanks!


I jsut found your blog via Lori Joy Smith's home tour on CafeMom. What a gorgeous space you have here! Off to explore the rest of your blog...


In time there are many tunic pattern coming in to the market. And the all patterns are very different to other and after the wear this pattern are we look different to other. And the new coming tunic tops pattern are very different to old tunic tops and i show all the pattern of the tunic are really very beautiful.

Tunic Tops

I read the blog and there is a good information given about the tunic pattern.While wearing this types of the dress in look nice and awesome and this make you unique from the other .

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