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June 08, 2008


Laura VW

We have a wardrobe that is exactly the size you are talking about, and it's great - one of the best things we've bought for our house. Ours is in the oak veneer, and we have outward opening doors rather than sliding ones, so I can't advise on the sliding doors issue. We have shelves high up in each (one per half of the wardrobe), and below that a rail spanning the full 100cm in each half. Then under that on one side we have the metal trouser hanger, which lets you store a dozen or more (plenty more if you double them up) pairs of trousers, and under that a couple of rows of shoe racks. On the other side we have two pull-out wooden drawers. I had been hoping to have one of those shelf divider things that has lots of slots for small items like belts and purses, but this proved impossible because the drawers had to be mounted a little above the base of the unit - the doors have four hinges, and the screws from the bottom hinge are in the place we wanted to attached the drawers, meaning the drawers had to be nudged up a bit. (Essentially there is a line of holes down each side, into which you attach the various optional items like drawers, doors etc, and so you are a little limited by those.) However, the space under the drawers has its uses - stashing magazines, catalogues etc. The way we have our wardrobes set up means we can't hang longer items in there (like dresses), but we have another little wardrobe elsewhere that fits those things in. Have fun and good luck with it!


i have had 2 of the larger pax units (birch finish). i use the top for hanging items and the bottom as a dresser (wood drawers, divided drawers & wire baskets). each works well depending on what you are storing, but i prefer the solid drawers... the wire baskets let you see what's inside, but get messy easily. finally, i also have 2 of the drawers with dividers, which i thought of as too luxurious. (“do i really need a separate compartment for each belt?”) but yes, it has been nice to have a specific place for everything.

i didn’t buy any doors at the time because of the sticker shock ($500 seemed like a lot when i was also trying to also buy a sofa & dining table). so I eventually made some curtains with grommets & hooks on the wardrobe to cover up the closet. here is a picture of the configuration before the curtains: http://www.flickr.com/photos/dityfleur/275631555/in/set-72157600282502288/

hope this helps!


Thanks for your input all. I also got some emails from folks with detailed thoughts as well.

We're just holding off on time to do this now and in the meantime I'm keeping my finger's crossed for a used version to show up on Craigslist.


Hi Laura,

I just bought a Pax wardrobe set and had similar sticker shock -- I opted not to get the sliding doors for now and was thinking I would put a curtain on the front of it for now. Can you tell me more about how you did that? I dont know exactly what I would attach a rod to etc..



I just noticed this on a blog -

Solid Wood Flooring

Wonderful! Thank for sharing :)

cabin plans

I had a good read and I can relate to what you're saying here. :)I hope your closet is fine now.

Account Deleted

When we moved in to our house, the things that we liked the least were the built-in closets. The doors were crookedly placed and the knobs didn't match the doors' color. That's why we focused on replacing them ourselves. First, we unhinged the doors and painted them according to the color of the room. Then, we bought hand forged iron hardware online to replace the knobs. My husband saw to it that the knobs made the closets look like hand forged iron doors, which was highly creative of him. That was a really fun DIY project, I must say.

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