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May 12, 2008



Food in New York all depends on location and preferences. Talk to Alaina Browne from A Full Belly and Serious Eats for some insider info. She will give you the low-down. Tell her Harold sent you.

Also, the treadmill + podcasts = awesome. My favorite is the interview show, "The Treatment," with Elvis Mitchell. I will check out the podgrams soon; they're already downloaded.

Good luck on the tour!


One of the places I really miss in DC is Jaleo, on 7th Street, NW. It's up the street from the Shakespeare Theatre, an Olsson's bookstore (great local independent chain), and the Archives/Navy Memorial Metro stop. It's also a pretty easy walk from the Mall, if you're down that way, checking out the monuments.

Oh, man... now I'm craving the goat cheese, almonds, and oranges on endive... or the goat cheese-stuffed sweet red peppers... mmm and be sure to try the Cava sangria.

Excuse me while I go drool in a corner, and make a shopping list. :)


Cava sangria?! I'm sold!

And Harold thanks for the reminder about Alaina. And the podcast tip. You'll love the podgrams, I'm certain of it!


I second Angelica Kitchen. Yummy! They sell a nice cookbook, too.

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