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December 04, 2007


sarah h

i have no advice, but wanted to send some sympathy. i'm also happy to hear i'm not the only one in this position. i got so frustrated trying to re-sew some binding on a gift last night that i accidentally stabbed my finger with my sewing scissors. i'll check back to read other people's advice before starting my next attempt.

PS the mitts are cute--they look like little snowshoes!


My best advice is to keep up with the basting, as you did on your third try,plus-if you're making your own binding you should try pressing it so that one edge is slightly wider than the other, then always sew with the slightly narrower side of binding facing up towards you.

I cannot sew binding without basting first and I do round pot holders (I'm terrified of doing squares, how stupid is that?) and I get the best results when I gently pull the binding as I'm basting so that it lays fairly flat.

Dang it, writing it down doesn't make it clearer. Just practice and always baste.

But, to be honest, I think your oven mitts look great.


i have all kinds of binding trickery up my sleeve from my previous life sewing things. much too much to type. remind me on monday or feel free to give me a call if you're working on it this weekend and i will divulge all my binding secrets ;-)

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