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November 09, 2007



Hehe...thanks for the tip! Or maybe no thanks. :)

sarah h

that is a very dangerous bit of information. i just started searching on ebay and...well, let's just say i may have some packages of fabric arriving at my door in a few weeks. can you put your paypal account in a freezer for awhile? it might be necessary.


Good point. Paypal. That may be the final undoing!


I have a pretty great source of Amy Butler here in Chicago where I got the fabric you show in the post. That's part of the newer lines, no? Anyway, there are some older colors that I do covet but I'm staying away from ebay in general. It's too easy to change topics and find music equipment, dishware, furniture, etc..


Yes, Jennie you're right, that is a new one. I went in search of an old colourway (which I did find) but also bought this one... Too hard to resist.


I've been peeking into your blog from time to time, as I'm a Vancouver blog-reading lover. Had to pipe in, as I adore Amy Butler, those 2 websites, and recently discovered the power of ebay for fabric too! I recently hosted a community grant event where I used grant funds to buy Amy Butler, Joel Dewberry, Etsuko etc. fabric from ebay, complete with a picnic, bocce and croquet.
Keep that card safe. I totally hear you!


aha I thought so! I don't normally keep up with things. But as part of my maiden voyage on the sea of quilting, I will soon be posting some pics of the a project I'm working on with said fabric:



Ah...to be independently wealthy.....

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