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November 28, 2007



I've just changed my afternoon plans - the sewing can wait, I must go make cookies now.. Thanks for the inspiration :)





We were lucky enough to get a kitchenaid as a wedding gift (in sleek stainless steel!); but we didn't get the attachments. So I have been making sauces and other various things. But I am ready for the next step and I plan to buy the attachments on the next BAY DAY/sale. Do you have any thoughts on them? I gather that the white attachment in your cookie picture is the most used :)



Abby, yes definitely. Mine came with that one, the dough hook and the whisk. I'd say all are pretty darned useful. I'm also sizing up the icecream maker attachment, as the idea of being able to make all kinds of dairy free and peanut free icecreams at home to suit the dietary/allergy needs of our household is pretty darned exciting.

sarah h

Mmmm...ginger snaps. I made pumpkin muffins in my Kitchen Aid yesterday, and I love the "turn it on and walk away" feeling as well. It is definitely a time saver!

Miss Sassy

I bought the fruit and vegetable strainer attachment and it was so worth the money as I made all of my son's baby food with it. Congratulations on the mixer! I saved and saved for mine and it is one of my favorite possessions.


Sassy, I've been keeping my eye on that attachment as well, and will certainly add it to the want list if/when we add a wee one to the house.

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