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October 30, 2007



Munro's sounds like Powell's in Portland, Oregon. I don't live anywhere nearby (which is probably a good thing, because our house is already full of books), but it's definitely worth a visit if you're in the area.


I adore Powell's as well! I spent plenty of time there when I was in Oregon. And by there, I mean at several of the locations. I'm also a big fan of Elliot Bay in Seattle. Sadly, Vancouver lost most of its good bookstores. We still have Duthies on 4th, but it's a shadow of what it once was, and there's Kidsbooks when you want kid titles, but that's kind of it now.


When I worked at Russell Books in Victoria (second hand book shop) Mr. Munro would bring in boxes of remaindered books that weren't selling at Munro's. It was like Christmas every time he showed up. I miss those two book stores.


I could sit in a book store all day long. Powell's is the best book store I've ever been to. But then, I've never been to Munro's.

I learned to bake bread using Martha Rose Shulman's book called "Great Breads". It doesn't have a ton of photos but her explanation of all the steps are perfect for beginners. I taught two of my friends to bake bread using her book.

However, Peter Reinhart is pretty much the bread baking king and I bought his book "The Bread Baker's Apprentice" and I still haven't tried anything from it two years later because I'm super intimidated. I figure I'll work up to it eventually.


i heart munro's and spent some quality time there when i was in victoria last month. i always end up buying a cookbook while i'm there :)


Angelina, thanks for the recommendation. And daises i hear you. I always leave with a book. Often a cookbook in the mix.


If you ever saunter south to Seattle, our best indie bookstore is Elliott Bay on 1st in Pioneer Square. Huge, little alcoves all over, squeaky wood floors, shelves and shelves of books. Ahhh. Pure bliss.


I worked at Munro's when I was 18 years old...it's a wonderful store, and Jim Munro is a terrific bookseller. The tapestries by his wife Carole Sabiston are beautiful, too. It's such a big part of my love for Victoria, my hometown--I visit whenever I go back, and I'm so happy that it's still there, more or less unchanged, with those fantastic remainder tables and the staff who've been selling there for years and years. Unparalleled, really.


oh i heart munro's! and i miss it so much living in vancouver. there really is nothing here that compares.

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