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August 03, 2007



Isn't it amazing how that hunting instinct is hardwired? Our Westie goes nuts if she thinks there's a possibility that she might get a mouse (or squirrel, or bird). It's simultaneously cute, annoying, and unnerving.

A couple of weeks ago, we came home late from a baseball game and took her out. She sensed something under our AC unit and wouldn't leave her post. We took her up to the second floor where she plays on the carpet, only to have her run down the stairs and fling herself at the door to open it. She then ran to the back door and danced around in circles until we let her out again.


Incredible - we had the exact same thing happen here with my two a few weeks back.

They played with it in the living room two nights running, dropping it at my feet, still alive, when I stumbled in at 3am to find out what the hell was going on. On the third night, nothing. I've been hyper aware in terms of smells in hopes that it didn't die of shock behind the bookcase, but nothing.

This game usually does't start until well into the fall.erly winter - I wonder what's up.


I love cat stories. My 5 month kitten almost had a tangle with a cicada. The boyfriend caught it and escorted the bugger outside before I could see what my kitty was made of. Maybe next time.

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