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July 04, 2007



Hi again, I have Clotilde's book, and am loving it. The book is split into 3 sections: Simplicity (salads, sandwiches, soups etc), Entertaining (main courses and sides...) & Sweet Things (tartes and cakes...) I've made a few recipes - such as quinoa cake, which lends itself easily to variation. It's not the kind of food I cook everyday, but it's a good read (I read it in one day) and the recipes are varied - and in my case different from most of my other cookbooks.

Thanks for this recipe also - sounds very good. Have a good day! ~ Emily.


Emily, thanks for the info on the book. The quinoa cake, is that a sweet cake? Is it made with quinoa flour? I'm quite intrigued!


Hi there,
It's a savoury loaf made with whole quinoa, bacon & mushrooms, though the version I followed was her variation: goats cheese, diced tomatoes & basil. It was very good!


Yummy. Tomatoes and basil sounds like a great summer recipe. Mmmm.

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