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June 08, 2007



Sorry - I don't have any suggestions for full-on dairy deliciousness, but my daughter is horribly allergic to both dairy and soy, and I have found that substituting nut milk for soy milk works wonderfully when baking and actually gives an even richer result. Almond milk works nicely with just about any cake, muffin or frosting, and hazelnut milk is really fantastic with anything calling for cocoa/chocolate. Coconut oil (which is solid at room temperature) will subsitute well for margerine (since prety much all margerines contain soy!) but you need to add a little extra salt if you use it as a substitute, because it's pretty bland tasting stuff.

I know this probably doesn't apply to this weekend's baking, but thought perhaps in the future, Martin might not have to feel so left out! :-)

Miss Sassy

I've been into cupcakes lately but I did blog about the most rich, moist, delectable chocolate cake here:


I'm sure it could be dressed up. If you don't make it for your friend, I recommend making it sometime as it is that good.

Good luck!

Miss Sassy

Holy smokes - I didn't meant to post 500 times. Hopefully you can delete a few of these. I had problems with my authentication going through (timing out)--or so I thought. Sorry!


Stephanie and Sassy, thanks for the pointers.

Stephanie, I'd actually love to know more about how you use coconut oil for baking. I have some and haven't really experimented with it yet (I've used it for making curries etc). Do you just use it straight across and add a bit of salt?

As for the nut milks. Yes. I often use almond milk but both Martin and Miss P are very allergic to peanuts and all the nut milks I buy have "may contain" warnings on them, which make me a bit wiggy. Given it's baked they're probably fine, still I worry...

Sassy, you're a cupcake queen! My goodness. There's some inspiration on your site!


Hi! I have used both coconut and palm oil in place of shortening when baking (mostly in cookies and muffins.) I just use the same amount that the recipe calls for in butter/margerine/shortening and then add a little salt to taste, because they are basically flavorless on their own. I've never used it for frosting though, I suspect it would just be too oily and weird. Intead, I usually just make a thinner icing with powdered sugar, vanilla and rice or nut milk, or powdered sugar and fruit juice, depending on what I'm frosting. Rice milk works well with baking as well - same amount as you would use for soy or regular milk. The end result isn't as rich as some of the other options, but it still tastes good.(It's pretty hard to make sugar taste bad, especially if there's chocolate/cocoa involved!!!)

The one thing I haven't tried yet is oat milk. It seems like it might have a richer end result than rice milk. I think it would probably be gross and chalky tasting in frosting, but I can see it being really good in pancakes and muffins - that sort of thing.

I have read on a number of allergy web sites that around the Jewish holidays, you can often find Kosher dairy-free margerines in the grocery store - usually they are made with cottonseed oil or 100% corn oil rather than soy oil. A lot of people will buy a whole bunch and freeze it so that they have a steady supply throughout the year. I've never seen any in our grocery store though. I did see one recently called "100% Canola Oil Margerine" (not the catchiest brand name.) I was SO excited! I decided I better read the ingredient label though, just to be sure. I was completely irriated to read "Ingredients: 100% canola oil, soy protein." Doesn't that make it more like "99% Canola Oil Margerine" then? Sigh!

Soy allergies are so tough - soy seems to be in EVERYTHING these days! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that my daughter will outgrow her allergy eventually, but until then, I guess I'll continue my adventures in substitution baking!

Happy cake making! :-)


hi emira!
cakes! my favourite thing on a rainey saturday, sunday or basically whenver afternoon with a nice black-n-white movie playing in the background (blythe spirit seems to bake a nice cake)...

i have found a great, easy and delicious recipe in the locally made and hilarious scrambled brains cookbook - it's a quick baking chocolate cake and the butter icing is a favourite among friends... (although i do sometimes like to ice it with whipped cream and put loads of fresh fruit on top).

i bake this cake all the time and people are always impressed by it! (but maybe they just don't get enough fresh cake - haha!)


ps-thanks for your awesome feedback on the site!


As the recipient of the cake I must say it was delicious and beautifully decorated with edible flowers. I wish I had taken a picture of it. Thank you Emira!

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