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May 29, 2007



In addition to the keep yeast luxuriant -- cozy warm, well fed, etc. I have this advice:
"Vegetarian Cooking For Everyone" has a good foccaica receipe which is a great beginners bread. I recommend this over a multigrain -- which can be more challening. Something to do with the heft of the grain-- it takes all the more coxing to convince the yeast to go that extra step. The foccacia is (gasp) a white bread -- great as a foccacia, and even more excellent shaped into buns and baked in a small round cake pan so they rise together - especially if you drench with butter just before they come out of the oven.



I don't have any bread-baking tips, but I totally agree that your stove is an irresistable invitation to make some. It makes me think of Betty Crocker and June Cleaver and warm cookies after school. Good luck.


My best advice is to just bake bread. The first loaf is the hardest even the best baker has taken years to perfect his/her loaf. It'll taste good no matter what you do if you follow the recipe. Good Luck.


I'm not a loaf bread maker by any means, but several years ago I took to dessert bread making (zucchini, carrot, fig. . .any other sweet bread you can think of) as a way to get over suddenly being dumped.
All summer I baked and baked and meditated to the activity of baking. It was the quickest heart-mending I've ever experienced, and so rewarding!


I second the advice to start with focaccia or something other than a multigrain bread. I always like oatmeal bread as a way to make something simple without making just plain white bread.

Although I'm more of a bread machine person, I've done a lot of reading about breadmaking, too. The most valuable thing I came away with was to pay attention to the protein and gluten content of your flour. It makes a huge difference in the way things rise and roll out.

All that being said, just doing it is definitely the first step. Even if the loaf is no good, you still get to smell baking bread!


This is one of the reasons why I bake; it's just relaxing and charming to me despite the fact I really have yet to make something turn out right! I just totally enjoy the process of it all (and hope to enjoy to process of scarfing it down someday....) :)

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