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May 08, 2007



That chick pea recipe is going in the dinner rotation!


Oh have you made it? Or are you just assuming? I ran out of steam last night after opting to spend the evening in the garden instead, so didn't get to it. Let me know if you did!


You are so right about home-cooking deprivation during kitchen remodeling. As soon as my old stove was disconnected (and taken to the dump; the wildly erratic thermostat having incinerated one too many dinners) I began to crave anything baked or roasted. The wimpy hot plate I'm using just doesn't cut it.


Sounds fantastic. I love a good cookbook. Thanks for the tip.


Thanks for the heads up on this one Emira. I picked it up on Friday and just finished making the Wheat Berry Salad for lunches this week. I'll also be making the Sushi Bowl on Tuesday and the Hijiki & Edamame Salad later in the week. So far so good and what an enjoyable read!

Perhaps we'll run in to each other at the Farmer's Market this coming weekend. I'm so thrilled it's finally here!

(Shannon's friend)


Hey Jo-Anne! Glad you liked it too. It's very inspiring for market season no? I'm making the Otsu for the second time tonight and can't wait to eat it for lunch tomorrow. I was thinking of the wheatberry for next week's lunches. Yummy!


I haven't tried it yet. . . but it sounds sooo good! I'll share with you, when it happens!

Taryn Domingos

I finally made the ginger-amaranth shortbread and it was a total success! The amaranth flour smelled a little bit weird and I thought for sure I wouldn't like the end result, but after being cooked it all tasted fine, like a lovely shortbread-gingerbread hybrid!

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