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April 17, 2007



Hi there,
I don't think I've posted a comment here before, so "hello!"
I've had Heidi's book for just over a week and am loving it. I have been trying to incorporate whole grains, beans etc in to our cooking for the past few months so this book is perhaps ideal for me but I think it would also be good for those who've cooked this way for longer as some of the recipes she suggests are quite different. Of the recipes I've tried (only 3 so far) I can say they've all worked out to be very good. The barley risotto (with lemon and orange) went down particularly well. The presentation of the book is also great & my only criticism would be of the binding - the book doesn't stay open flat on the table.
I hope this helps in some way!
Good luck with the kitchen renovations - I hope they go well.


Hi Emily! And thanks so much for that. That's really great to hear. If you happen to check in on this again, would you mind telling me about how complicated each recipe is? Are they fairly straightforward or more time intensive? Or is there a variety.

I have some cookbooks I just adore (The Millennium for example) which are fabulous but each recipes takes half a day!


Hi Emira,
The recipes are not that complicated at all, and quite varied. I am finding that I am able to cross-reference the book a fair bit, to alter other recipes I have elsewhere. The first chapter offers a lot of information about preparing your pantry to eat more wholefoods. The other chapters offer good variations on dishes such as crepes (quinoa & corn flour with chile de arbol sauce), souffle (savory amaranth), soups (creamy wild rice soup with sweet potato croutons) & cookies (red quinoa & walnut). Nothing I have made as yet has taken me over an hour, and Heidi's instructions are very clear and easy. If you are already very familiar with using other grains, natural sweeteners and good vegetarian food then you may not get quite as much use out of this book as I am. However, if you are looking for a guide on how to incorporate using more whole grains, want a little more inspiration for variations to your every day dishes and like Heidi's style generally, then I'd recommend it.


Awesome thanks!

Taryn Domingos

I love her book just for the sheer information alone (the beautiful photography doesn't hurt either). After I bought her book, I've been trying out all these new foods (who knew there were so many different flours out there?).

I've been meaning to try out her Sticky Spice kissed Teff bread...I'll let you know how it goes.

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