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March 31, 2007



I was at the Environmental Home Center here in Seattle last weekend and they told me they stopped carrying the Yolo paint because nobody was buying it. Shortly after they stopped, though, people started asking for it. I was hoping to use one of the Yolo leaf colors to paint a door.


How frustrating! Well can I ship you down some maybe?


How frustrating! Well can I ship you down some maybe?


If you're still looking at other paints, I'd recommend Farrow & Ball. My wife has extreme environmental sensitivities and F&B's clay-based, non-VOC, ultra flat "Estate Emulsion" has been a life saver. Kerrisdale Lumber carries them in Vancouver and while they're expensive ($65/can), their low environmental footprint and beauty pay off. Interestingly, it's their clay base that enables them to suspend 50% more colour particles in the recipe, giving a hue and depth that is unparalleled in the industry.

OK. Sounding like a sales rep. Time to stop.

Good luck with the project.


Hey Mark. I have a friend who has painted her house with Farrow and Ball and really the colours are incredible. Both the depth and the subtlety of the palettes is amazing. They really do have a different feeling on the walls than regular paint does. For our kitchen I'm pretty sold on Yolo. It is cheaper and I'm really happy with the colour we've chosen so I don't think I'll stray. But I have been keeping Farrow and Ball in mind for future projects.

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