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February 03, 2007


Patricia W.

I think Microsoft has an online car buying guide call carpoint or something like that. There are tons of real life feedback on every kind of model. This is where I've gone before.

Good luck!


well, i don't know anything about that particular vehicle, but the bible for buying used cars is the "lemonaid" series. these books list everything that is wrong with certain years/models of cars so you can compare them and see if maybe that year had a bunk part or something like that. they probably have them at the library, and if not i'm sure you could look up the model in question at the bookstore pretty quick.

i used it when i got my second hand volvo, and it was a great help, deterring me from a few vehicles that surely would have been more problematic!


try cars.com (the cartalk guys are there). i am sad to report that i had a mazda protege sedan and after a few years the horn would honk for no reason (required disconnecting the battery at night) . . . and then lots of other problems. but check out cars.com for current information. good luck!


i have a mazda sport 3 (2004) and haven't had any problems with it, very fuel efficient and all though we don't drive much and prefer to bike, it is wonderful for long trips or jaunts to the market or driving through the snowy tundra that is our current existance :)

and though its a small hatchback it still manages to fit in my husband's drums, a couple guitars and a twelve year old boy quite comfortably and also makes ikea trips a breeze, lol.

i've only heard good things about all the mazda vehicles so i think the stationwagon would be just fine ...


My sister has a Protege Stationwagon. I think that hers is a 2001. She loves her car and it runs like a champ.


I looove my Mazda3 hatchback! My last car was a Mazda 626, which I owned until it was about 7 years old and 80K miles. It had absolutely no engine problems. At this point, the shocks? probably needed to be replaced sometime, but I was told by the mechanic, that's expected wear. I get more for my money with Mazdas. I know Hondas and Toyotas for the absolute ultimate in reliability, but I still think a Mazda is comparable.


My husband has the 2003 Mazda Protege station wagon (he calls it a sport wagon because it makes him feel manly) and he loves, loves, loves it. I love it, too. I'm always asking him to trade for my 2005 Volvo S40 (which cost twice as much, so that's saying something).


Thanks for all your comments folks. This has been so helpful. FYI that cars.com site has pretty awesome reviews. And folks seem to just love this car the more we talk to people about it. We're going for a final test drive tomorrow and if they can knock a little bit off to come in under out budget we're going for it. Mostly I'm just excited about no longer thinking about cars!

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