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January 08, 2007



um....why is the bay leaf blended so bad?


Oh, well in theory -- and I did do a bunch of web research before throwing it out to confirm this, though the internet can of course lie -- blended up bay leaves can cut up your insides. seriously. I vascilated between "old wives tale" and "culinary danger beware!" but decided I couldn't risk it. Seems there's some genuine truth to it, and injuring people with your lasagne doesn't seem so friendly.


i admire you getting right back in the saddle of making the lasagne, i have been there when you think you are so on the ball, getting things done and then you are thrown.

our lasagne's sound very similar, i made one friday similar process.

enjoy your blog, hence me adding it to my blogroll and thanks for your comment and link to the salon article, i didn't see it until just recently as i am not notified of new comments but appreciate that you read my post

take care


Wow! so bay leaves are really that bad!!! I always wonder about that when I take them out of a stew or whatever else...Emira, I know it was a bit of a botched evening for you but I absolutely love the way you've recounted the whole story!


Thanks for the info about the badness of bayleaves gone stray - or blended as the case may be. I hesitated before asking - didn't want to rub salt in the wound, but my curiousity got the best of me. I used to live an a small village with a disporportionate amount of first aid attendents, and there were often horror stories told about bay leaves. When whole and forgotten, apparently they are often the cause of choking. They lie flat against the back of the mouth, cover the airway, create some sort of suction thing, and it's all very bad. Or so I'm told. Perhaps it was the elaborate storytelling of one instructor, but it made an impression. My next visit back, I'll be able to contribute a new tid bit of information into the old storylines. Very nice indeed. Thanks.

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