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January 03, 2007



OOO, I just remembered the cute little apple shaped 2 quart cast iron pot I got just before Christmas! I'll have to try the bread recipe (and any others you may happen to post, hint hint!)
If you ever decide to get a Le Creuset, I've seen the red dutch ovens at Marshalls (do they have them in Canada?) for less than $100. Keep me in mind if you ever want me to buy you one and ship it to you!!


what size did you buy? i was thinking of buying one also... i've heard 3.5 quarts is a good size to start with (from apartment therapy: kitchen), but yours looks much larger. thanks!


Ya, mine's 5 which may actually be too big, though I'll likely give it a try anyway. It looks big, but my stove top is actually fairly small so the perspective is a bit wonky.


We have been using our Mario Battali Dutch Oven for the No Knead Bread recipe and are making two or three batches a week. Lovin' it! Also great for other dutch oven-y things, of course.


lol...how curious...i've found another person lusting over a dutch oven like ME!
I am waffling between the red and kiwi la crueset...but i keep chickening out...such a commitment!


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