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October 04, 2006



It is a sad state of affairs isn't it? I hate what has happened in our countries. The lack of caring and relating to others in a respectful, civilized way. I have hope that it will swing back around someday.
I'm glad you returned to your country safe and sound.


Welcome back!
Though we are in different parts of N. America, there is definitely a different fear culture here than in Europe.
Is it the tv broadcast news??

I'm loving your pics on flickr, too!


wow. that really puts things into perspective, especially from my point of view as a los angeleno. i have duly noted denmark as a future place for relocating.


It is just a common thing to see the Prams and I confess to missing them despite not wanting to breed!

But, a couple of major reasons why they're not so popular in America is that for one, a lot of people in Denmark walk to do their daily errands and most of the time, Denmark is chilly. The Pram keeps a baby warm and cosy. You don't have to fit a pram into a car like you would normall have to do in America.

Second, Prams are used just for babies - if a toddler can walk they are not pushed. In America, tired parents push children for as long as they can so they don't have to mind them so much. Seeing 7 and 8 year olds being pushed is a major pet peeve of mine. You hardly even see 3 year olds being pushed in Danmark.

The security and standard of living are two things I miss so very, very much. It is so hard to explain that standard of living to Americans because in Denmark, you live well without being a millionaire because you live simply and conciously. In the US, it often gets called "fancy" or "snotty" or something. I don't know how to explain it, really. It's just frustrating to me. Ah well. Perhaps its time for me to move back before I get too bitter :D


Hey Alex, take me with you.


Actually, there was a case a few years ago that got a bit of attention here in Scandinavia where a Danish women did the same thing outside a coffee shop in New York and got arrested for child neglect.

I live in the second largest city in Sweden and the pram culture is the same here. There are babies everywhere, even in our local pub, now that smoking is forbidden.

However there is one pram difference between Denmark and Sweden, which says a lot about the difference between us in general. In Denmark the prams are very chic with thin wheels, in Sweden they are much more sturdy and multifunctional (you can transform the pram to stroller when the child grows). Also in Denmark the women cycle around in dresses and high heels. In Sweden we use helmets and wind breakers :)

Baby Prams

I must say, that is a wonderful pram. Also, prams these days aren't just for babies, many prams come 2-in-1, where you can convert them to strollers in later years.

Prams are really starting to become popular in North America. I think with fashion & design taking center stage, you'll be seeing a lot more of them in years to come.

recaro child seat

What a great pam, where can i find a pram like that, i have just gone and brought myself a bugaboo for £800, well i guess i cant complain its two in one also so im loving it, and also its great that you can add a baby seat to it as you save so much space in the boot when you go shopping but you need to check the child safty regulations for the distance and time you can put the baby in there.

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