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October 18, 2006



Vintage linoleum or Marmoleum would look so great in your place!


Here is an example of what I mean. http://www.flickr.com/photos/vanessa_holtgrewe/161854898/


I think you will be surprised at the durability of IKEA cabinets. They rated very highly in a Consumer Reports last year on kitchen cabinets - coming in just under the high end cabinets but above all the mid-level cabinets. We outfitted our kitchen with them two years ago and still love them. As for their magic ability to keep a kitchen clean, well, while we do have space to put everything away now, it does leave lots of counter space for the mail, keys, and other everyday clutter.


Just had to un-lurk (de-lurk?) to agree with the previous comments: Ikea cabinets are great. We used them in the kitchen remodel we did in our former condo. They had so many different width and height variations, it was pretty easy to maximize storage in our tiny (6.5 by 10 feet), odd-shaped kitchen.

The only thing I regret was the flooring. We installed a no-glue (snapped together) bamboo floating floor. It went in easily, looked lovely, the floating floor was easy on my back (cement subfloor) but it dinged like CRAZY! Drop a fork on it, end up with puncture marks. Dang!

Love the blog!


Thanks for the Ikea tips. That's making the budget I started pulling together a bit easier to swallow (it's about $1K more than I had originally thought it would be...).

Monica your kitchen remodel is awesome. Good to know you've been happy with that line of Ikea cabinet fronts too, we're just beginning to think about which ones we might choose (for the record if anyone has advice please chime in).

And I love the linoleum floor! Thanks for the pics! I've been thinking we'll probably use tiles like that, though we weren't sure what colour direction we would go in. I tend to favour neutrals with then one loud painted wall or tiles or something, where as Martin just likes everything bright. We'll see where we end up, but those photos are very inspiring.


The white faux beadboard doors we chose showed dirt (spattes, smudgy fingerprints) pretty easily, but the up side was the shiny, smooth finish meant it cleaned up super easily, too.

We used Ikea cabinets for our bathroom remodel, too (our contractor modified one for use as a vanity/sink base, and wall-mounted one above the toilet for storage). Those were Adel brown. Pretty, but the recessed panel edges collected dust. Not a big problem in a bathroom, but would probably drive me nuts in a kitchen. (Can you tell I'm neurotic about some stuff?) :)

Maryam In Marrakesh

Oh I am so dreaming of a new kitchen in Morocco...When our house is built - aaaack, like in a year! Waiting, waiting. I will live vicariously through your new kitchen when you get it.

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