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October 30, 2006



Happy upcoming birthday Emira!...Those clogs are striking - I saw the children's version at Dandelion Kids (from Mooncruise too) and I've been meaning to get myself a pair (I'm a real clog person) but I couldn't remember the name of the company, i.e., Mooncruise..So, thanks for the link and I hope you get a pair for your b'day!


Hey thanks Beata! Yes, head on down to Mooncruise for a pair. The woman who runs it is also quite lovely, and she brings in some lovely stuff.


When is your birthday? Maybe you'll get the little package I have heading your way, just in time!

Red clogs. . .yummy! I have red gardening clogs that are actually gardening, working, sewing, driving (you get the point) clogs. I love to see them poking out from under wide legged pants.


I have to come out on record as a bit of a clog-a-holic. I've got yellow gardening clogs (Sloggers). I've got loverly red "summer" clogs that are kind of a strappy/sandle/mary jane affair (these are the ones that are falling apart a bit after many years of love) and a pair of full shoe grey leather clogs with wood/rubber articulated soles that I wear almost all the time. And when I was in Holland/Denmark I had to really stop myself from buying unnecessary but oh so wonderful clogs in oh so many colours.

Oh and my birthday Renee is the 15th of this month. I would adore some lovely garden mail to arrive on/near that day!


Hey! Thanks for putting this list together... For some reason this year I've been having more trouble than usual coming up with gift ideas for you. (Maybe because you just got back from Europe and I feel like everything here pales in comparison.)

If only we had a registry so we could avoid doubling up! :)


Hmmm, I think it may be getting there by Tuesday of next week.
Happy early birthday (I didn't even know!)


any sign yet?

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