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September 17, 2006


Beata Basik

Hi Emira!
I don't know if you'll be able to read this in Holland but I have to tell you that you have made my day! - Thank you for such an absolutely lovely post about me and my creations! What a wonderful warm welcome into the world of blogging!! I love the pictures you took of the dress - especially the clothesline one... I hope the dress will be a hit with your god-daughter! Your blog is a great read, especially as we're in the middle of renos ourselves and ooooooh! your gardening pictures are lovely - makes me want to run into my garden and weed! I'm looking forward to reading your posts once you come back....


Beata! Just quickly checking in here from the road. I haven't made it to the wallpaper/textile warehouse yet! But there's some beautiful stuff here. Very inspiring. Since we're in the same neighbourhood we should exchange garden/house tours some day. I know Martin would love to check out your dormers, and I'd be happy to give you a tour of the garden though I fear it will be a bit sad by the time we return. I'll let you know what she thought of the dress when I return!


hey, emira! glad the trip is going wonderfully. i imagine you and martin are full of inspiring ideas, new visions and, well, ,micro-fruit-wheatey ales and brews...

hey, the garden won't be sad when you get back! i have been clipping off tomatoes, munching on kale (Pia's onto something) and plucking off the odd deadhead, and trimming back the tomatoes in an attempt to get some of the green ones (soon to be made into chutney) to ripen. maybe if this fab weather continues, i will get down n dirty tomorrow and mow the back grassy bits (there's a section of non-grass that i will leave as it's rather nice) and fiercly dead-head (as everything is not dewey and sticky, its a good time to do grass and such). well, this is such a nice domicile, it is nice to just putter around in the garden and enjoy the fall colours, with Pluto purrrrring and chatting at my side.

enjoy yourselves, and skol/bottoms up!


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