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  • The book I co-wrote with my business partner Lauren Bacon is available at Amazon. How nutty is that? The Boss of You is a business book for women looking for advice to start or run a successful small business. The book features advice from some pretty smart gals including Jenny Hart (Sublime Stitching), Grace Boney (Design Sponge), Alex Beauchamp (Another Girl at Play), and many others.

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domicile was started to document the ongoing progress and daily life of our first home. It was begun in July of 2005. We started renos here in mid-June and moved in July 1st of that year. There will be some archive posting of early renos but for the most part domicile will build from here.

A longtime fan of the domestic musings of other folks online, including the specialized food bloggers, I have often had half thoughts of starting a blog to document my own home-centric adventures. When we bought this house, I began to read peoples' documentation of renovations, home-canning and gardening with renewed vigour, bookmarking posts and blogs with a frenzy.

While domicile will begin with a fair emphasis on renos and gardening, I expect the food and recipes sections to grow steadily over time as cooking has been a longtime passion.

While I am likely to be the only one writing and documenting the goings on here, it should be noted that I am fortunate to share it with my beloved partner Martin, his 11 year old daughter Miss P (who lives with us parttime) and my longtime sidekick Pluto-the-Wonderkitty (I seriously considered calling this blog "Pluto's House") and all of their energies and work contribute to making this domicile our home. I have recently written a book with my business partner Lauren Bacon titled The Boss of You. The Boss of You will be coming out May 08 with Seal Press, you can read more about The Boss of You and pre-order the book at The Boss of You's website.

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