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November 05, 2006


Maryam in Marrakech

Sounds delicious whether cleansing or not!


Have you been using a body brush while fasting?
It's one of those long handled brushes with fairly stiff natural bristles, you do a dry brushing of your skin with it.
With all the toxins coming out of your pores you should try it (or let Martin try it on you)
It feels like a good long back scratching, and is also supposed to be good for circulation.


mmmmm,craig bought those exact same pears at the market last month... a case of them practically. can you freeze them? i'd love to steam some for garret in 4 months!


You know Renee I'm supposed to be doing that and I totally spaced. Damn it! Now that we only have a tub and not a shower I forget about things like that, as I usually accompany it with hydro therapy: switching between hot and cold water in the shower which isn't as easy in a tub. Off I go to the tub now!

And Suzanne, I'm not sure if you freeze pears how well they'll stay together, I can ask my Grandma this weekend (unless someone here knows). If not, then maybe I could come over and can some for you? Steaming them is much like canned pears flavour wise, and I'd be happy to do that for you, just let me know. I'd hate to see good pears go to waste! And I'm sure I could do a couple of jars for you and Craig with some ginger root in them. So tasty!


how sweet you are to offer. it just occurred to me that the best thing to do is steam them now, then freeze them in small portions. have a great time in victoria. can you write a blog entry when you get back about your fave places in victoria to shop and eat? i go there often enough, but could use some tips on where to go.


Suzanne, actually on the pear front I was kind of thinking the reverse last night as I thought about it in the bath (where I do my best problem solving). I think if you cut them up now, froze them an then steamed them to aid the defrosting that would probably give you a similar effect. Possibly mushier, but I'm guessing that will be ok with Mr. Garret!

I'd be happy to do a Victoria round up. I'll have my camera back by then too so I can hopefully include photos!


oh thanks for this because I have been lamanting that there is really no local food in Texas except for beef or pears. Now my bitterness can eased a bit :D

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